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Apergu Solutions is Qualified Partner from Zendesk.

We have been an trusted as Zendesk Partner with multiple experience in finding perfect solution for your business

What Zendesk Would Brings to Your Business

Don’t get lost with your customers. Get a smart knowledge-based platform for better self-service and empowered agents.

Communication is essential, and you will be given access to a community forum where your customers can interact and even collaborate

Be more engaging by reaching customers easily through live chat conveniently.

Everything is simplified and interacts with your customers on a call center solution, integrated directly into the Zendesk ticketing system.

Get a stunningly simple system for tracking, prioritizing, and resolving customer support tickets.

Customer analytics is always important, with Zendesk Explore, you can receive analytics for business to measure and enhance your whole customer experience.

Use a sales force automation (SFA) tool to boost sales teams' efficiency, procedures, and pipeline visibility.

Get the freedom to create anything you want. AWS-based CRM platform Zendesk Sunshine allows you to easily connect and understand all of your customers' data.

Helps businesses unify messages from every channel into a single conversation and build interactive experiences anywhere

Excellent customer service starts with good communication

Zendesk brings all your customer conversations into one place.

Apergu Solutions, as an Oracle NetSuite Solutions Provider employs the finest and certified Cloud ERP consultants in the business, with experience in multiple industries.

Not just focusing to leverage your business by streamlining processes with Oracle Netsuite ERP, thus we provide SMEs and industry experts to share robust insights in every of our implementation. Every journey will be enlightened with best industry values and enriching change management.

The deployment of the Oracle NetSuite ERP system in your business is not a one-off process. We support with committed SLAs, so you can rest assure that your cases and issues will be assisted and solved.